Save Money While Traveling Your Unique Holiday Experience in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Don't you like to save money when it's possible? Especially while traveling you should always check your expenses. Traveling can be expensive unless you plan the right strategy! With the right strategy you can bring down the cost while traveling. Here are 5 tips for you to follow on your next vacation. budget-friendly-travel-plan Budget Friendly Travel Plan This is not easy but it's certainly doable. Always give yourself a certain amount to spend and stay within your range. When you do it, you will be financially happy. At the same time you will understand where to prioritize while on vacation. Start practicing on saving while on travel and you will be a lot less stressed, whether you go on a tour inside the country or outside of Bangladesh. Look up Prices and Information Before Arriving at Your Destination about Public Transportation When you are planning to go somewhere make sure you check the prices of transportation. there will be differences in public transportation and rent a car service. Try to use public transportation as much as possible, if you are going with your friends. We recommend looking up routes of public transportation in advance so you don't become confused. Especially if you are traveling to another country where there is a language barrier, you must check the routes beforehand to avoid being lost. There is a cool thing on google map. You can create a custom map on Google Maps by pinning all the locations you want to visit. Then what you can do is open that map on your phone and download the offline map. This way, without needing the internet you can view your places. prices-and-information-about-public-transportation check-your-stay Check Your Stay! Be Aware of the Location Before You Book Transportation can add up to the expenses very quickly, so you should try to stay in a central location. when you are traveling somewhere, you should find a place to stay from where you can easily walk and go to every tourist attraction of that place. If you come to Cox's Bazar, Rooms Booking BD it is a local travel agent, they must try to give you best solution. Do a Price Comparison If You’re Renting A Car to Get the Cheapest Option Well, most of the time, the hotel makes the arrangements for the car. But if you travel to a place or stay at a hotel where the rent a car facility is not available, then you might have to arrange this by yourself or use public transportation. When you are renting a car do some bargain and you will find that the rate is quite low from what they are saying. Inside Bangladesh, you have to do the comparison by yourself. But if you are traveling outside the country, there are websites available where you can find the price for renting a car. Wishing you a safe journey and a relaxing vacation when you arrive at destination. prices-and-information-about-public-transportation About Rooms Booking BD The Facebook page has been created to provide a space for discussion and opinions to be shared by customers and travelers alike . OUR BRANDS On you can book hotels, Flight bookings, ship ticket bookings, Car bookings for your business trip or meeting, find a leisure hotel for your weekend getaway family vacation, or even a welcomed stop a long the road. We encourage our community members to interact with our team and each other by posting and responding to content on our pages and channels . However, Rooms Booking BD has a responsibility to everyone involved to make sure that our Facebook page remains an environment that is consistent with the vision, mission and values of our brand. Rooms Booking BD reserve the right to remove without notice any content that we determine in our sole discretion is offensive, threatening, injurious to privacy, trademarks or copyrights belonging to a third party. Wish you all the best.