Natural beauty of Bangladesh Never miss this place to visit at Khagrachari Alutila hill trac area. now I will show you from neither to zenith. The Alutila hill 1.8 mile away from khagrachari town. The local people have given beautiful name Alutila as this place looks like potato in local language bangla, and tila means hill. This alutila is probably one of the most visited attractions from khagrachori. Entrance to the Alutila cave premise. If you are an adventure lover then Alutila cave is a perfect spot for you. This cave very easy risk free, but still hundreds of tourists return back without exploring the cave just for lack of confidence. When we were about to enter the cave, we found a group of three people (one female) were returning back without entering the cave. They felt nervous, and they were not interested in entering the cave for anything. They’ve found it was scary. Before leaving the place, they handed their torches to us, wish you all the best. This stair led towards the entrance of the cave. Very easily started our journey and I have a torch light in my hand, and camera in my other hand. Usually it requred around 5 –10 minutes to pass the cave. But I used to taka 20 minutes to reach other side of the cave. One thing its important its open 10AM to 6 PM you should travel within this time . Entrance to the Alutila cave that was covered with plants. Apart from the cave the park is itself nice. You could have a nice view over Khagrachari city from the park. Also The bird’s eye view over the river Chengi is also nice. There is a nice little pagoda located outside the Alutila premise. It would be nice if you visit that place as well. After a narrow entrance this is a bit wide. How to go: We reached Alutila cave by using public bus service. Which is much cheaper. In current days there are a lot of CNG driven three wheeler vehicles. That one is also convenient to go there. For our case we went there after visiting the Risang waterfall. That’s why the bus was the only option for us. If you hire a CNG vehicle then reserve it for a round trip. It might cost you 500-600 Taka for a round trip. If you need assistant Rooms Booking BD online plateform can help you very much . For any kind of queries please call at +8801888-060778. Few places inside the Alutila cave are very narrow like this one. Entry fee Alutila cave has an entry fee which is 30 Taka per person. You might see frogs like this inside the Alutila cave. A tiny waterfall that is flowing through the cave afterwards. From the Alutila View Point you’d have a beautiful view over the Khagrachhari city, and river Chengi. Alutila Cave, District: Khagrachhari, Country: Bangladesh, Written by Rooms Booking BD Mohammed shahbaz khan +8801888-060778 Thrusday –16 – 2022.